The anime of Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro is produced by Madhouse and directed by Hiroshi Kōjina. A total of 25 episodes were aired. It began broadcasting in Japan on October 2, 2007 on Nippon Television and Yomiuri Television. It is also licensed and simulcast online by Viz Media in the United States via Hulu as Neuro.

Two pieces of theme music are used for the entire series. DIRTY by Nightmare is used as the series opening theme, while Kodoku no Hikari (孤独のヒカリ, Light of Solitude) by Seira Kagami is used for the ending.

The kana readings do not necessarily match the kanji in the episode titles by pronunciation or definition. The given romaji pronunciations for the episode titles are based on their kana only, due to the absence of furigana for the kanji. Alternate titles are indicated in parentheses when the kana differ in definition from the kanji. Even if the kana and kanji match in definition, they still may not necessarily match each other by pronunciation.

List of episodesEdit

# Title Airdate
1 "Food"

"Shoku" (食【しょく】)

October 2, 2007
2 "Community"

"Komyuniti" (集【コミュニティ】)

October 9, 2007
3 "Laughter (Poison)"

"Doku" (笑【どく】)

October 16, 2007
4 "Dog"

"Inu" (犬【いぬ】)

October 23, 2007
5 "Rental (Office)"

"Jimusho" (貸【じむしょ】)

October 30, 2007
6 "Hair (Long Friend)"

"Nagai tomodachi" (髪【ながいともだち】)

November 6, 2007
7 "Box"

"Hako" (箱【はこ】)

November 13, 2007
8 "Dream (Future)"

"Mirai" (夢【みらい】)

November 20, 2007
9 "Strangle"

"Shime" (締【しめ】)

November 27, 2007
10 "One (Alone)"

"Hitorikiri" (一【ひとりきり】)

December 4, 2007
11 "Light (Limelight)"

"Kyakkō" (光【きゃっこう】)

December 11, 2007
12 "Statue"

"Zō" (像【ぞう】)

December 18, 2007
13 "X (Sai)"

"Sai" (X【サイ】)

December 25, 2007
14 "Travel (Dreamlike)"

"Yume kibun" (旅【ゆめきぶん】)

January 8, 2008
15 "Dragon"

"Ryū" (竜【りゅう】)

January 15, 2008
16 "Spring"

"Haru" (春【はる】)

January 22, 2008
17 "Chase"

"Cheisu" (追【チェイス】)

January 29, 2008
18 "Key"

"Kagi" (鍵【かぎ】)

February 5, 2008
19 "2 (Two People)"

"Futari" (2【ふたり】)

February 12, 2008
20 "Desk (Woman)"

"Onna" (机【おんな】)

February 19, 2008
21 "Symmetry (Beauty)"

"Bi" (整【び】)

February 26, 2008
22 "Woman (Witch)"

"Majo" (女【まじょ】)

March 4, 2008
23 "Blame (Sai)"

"Sai" (責【さい】)

March 11, 2008
24 "Shut (Sai)"

"Sai" (塞【さい】)

March 18, 2008
25 "Extreme (Sai)"

"Sai" (最【さい】)

March 25, 2008

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