Chapter 1
Japanese Title 手【て, Te
Volume 1
Chapter 1
Anime Episodes 1
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Next Chapter Hollow (Depression)

Hand is the first chapter of the Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro series.


We are first introduced to the title character of the series, Neuro Nōgami, a demon who consumes a type of energy called mysteries. Having exhausted the Demon World of its supply Neuro decides to go to the Human World to search for the finest and tastiest mystery since the ones he had in the Demon World were bland anyway.

The scene shifts over to the Human World, where we are introduced to Yako Katsuragi, the second main character of the series. She is seen at the funeral of her recently murdered father, Seiichi Katsuragi where she is comforted by her mother (Haruka Katsuragi), cleaning lady (Sonobe Miwako) and the detectives in charge of the investigations (Keitarō Takeda and Eishi Sasazuka). Yako later sits alone in the room with the family altar. She begins weeping over her father's loss until Neuro appears in front of her for the first time and introduces himself as a demon. He decides to get Yako to be a detective so he can solve cases without attracting attention and easily scares her into following him so he could demonstrate what he meant.

They both go to a nearby cafe where a murder occurs. The same detectives from earlier arrive at the scene and Neuro introduces himself to them and informs them of Yako's detective skills. Neuro and the detectives begin their seperate investigations after this, while Yako was told by Neuro to just stand and watch. Neuro activates his first Demon World tool seen in the series; Evil Friday, to assist him in the investigations. Takeda later comes to the conclusion that the criminal was the junior employee of the victim who had been sitting with him and the murder method was by poisoning the victim's sandwich. Neuro rejects this however after doing his investigations,claiming Yako had found the real criminal.

Neuro makes Yako point her finger at the true culprit, the woman sitting next to the washrooms. He explains she had put the poison on the doorknob of the washroom so that the victim would be poisoned after touching the doorknob and the sandwich after that. She gets angry of being accused however, but Neuro counters her by asking her to explain why had she been loitering around the area for 30 minutes before sitting at her seat, which was a smoking area and why didn't she smoke since she sat there. Neuro consumes her mystery after she was unable to respond, making her mystery his first in the Human World. She breaks down after this, explaining the she had a relationship with the victim and her life began to crumble when she found out he had a mistress. Neuro is uninterested however and forces Yako to bring him to her house, where he would solve the next mystery.

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