Kouhei Tsukushi
First Appearance Chapter 24
Episode 4
Last Appearance Chapter 200
Voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto
Age 29
Birthdate February 4
Gender Male
Height 185cm
Weight 77kg
Status Usui's assistant
Police officer

Kouhei Tsukushi (筒井 壮太 Tsukushi Kouhei) works in the police department as Usui's assistant. He knew Sasazuka and Usui from their schooling days.

Overview Edit

Tsukushi is a tall quiet man who is usually seen around Usui. He usually doesn't talk much and shows about as much expression as Sasazuka(that is to say, not a lot). Tsukushi is shown to be a reliable friend and pollice officer, being very responsible and punctual. He is very loyal to Usui, choosing not to accept a promotion just so he could continue working under him. Usui himself admits Tsukushi has a good eye for strategy and was impressed with his intelligence and upbringing.

Tsukushi's favorite food is "Ginza Bulgarian Probiotic Rush" yoghurt. He becomes extremely displeased if he doesn't get his daily intake of the yoghurt, and humorously emits a dangerous and murderous aura, capable of giving people around him stomach aches. Tsukushi's daily morning routine is shown to be lifting weights, taking a shower, checking his paperwork, getting changed and taking his yoghurt.

He has also been shown to be very allergic to chocolate, causing him to "get a face like an angel that has been shot down", according to Usui. In this state, Higuchi also describes him as "divine-looking".


In the past, Tsukushi, Sasazuka and Usui were in the same university, though Sasazuka and Usui were 1 year ahead of him. He thought they were both very impressive during their time there, though he felt Sasazuka was slightly ahead of Usui. 1 week after Sasazuka's family was killed Tsukushi visited Sasazuka to check on his condition and to comfort him, though by then Sasazuka had already become mostly expressionless.

Plot OverviewEdit

Tsukushi usually makes his appearance alonside Usui. He first appeared in the Histerrier Case. He explains to Yako about Sasazuka's past in the manga, though in the anime Sasazuka's past isn't really mentioned at all. Tsukushi appears in a few later cases but mostly acts as a background character. He gets a promotion shortly before DR's attacks on the city but refuses to accept it. After DR's attacks, he is one of the police officers who help corner Tierra, who was planning to kill Usui.

In recent chapters, he's among the group hunting down Kasai.