Kuhiharu Saotome
First Appearance Chapter 8
Episode 5
Voiced by Kazuki Yao
Gender Male
Status Leader of Godai's old yakuza group

Kuniharu Saotome (早乙女 國春 Saotome Kuniharu) was the leader of Godai's old gang. He was the victim in one of the earlier cases in the series.


Saotome was the owner of the "Saotome Finance Company", which was part of a bigger yakuza group. He had Godai, Yukitoshi, Yoshiharu, Daiki and Washio working under him. Saotome was a sharp and calm man. He usually insulted the members of his gang, particularly Godai, but he trusted them and told Godai he would pour some beer on Godai's grave if Godai died before him (pouring alcohol on a person's grave is a sign of respect for the dead). He was experienced in life and was shown to be quite shrewd, being able to see through the lies made up by the leader of Vijaya's old gang. He had no family like the rest of his gang, and took them in to work with him. The members of the group respected him for the most part, though Godai wanted a bigger paycheck and Washio wanted to be the president of the company.

Plot OverviewEdit

Some time in the past, Saotome led his gang against Vijaya's when they got too close to Saotome's turf. The leader attempts to blame Vijaya, but Saotome easily sees through the lie and lets Godai handle them.

The case on Saotome's murder was discovered by Neuro and Yako the main storyline, where they were searching for a place to be their office. Godai and his group had kept quiet with the authorities due to the questionable business they dealed in, so they decided to let Neuro and Yako solve it. Saotome's murderer, Washio, is exposed in the end and defeated by Neuro.