Laughter (Poison)
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Japanese Title 笑【どく】
Episode Number 3
Airdate October 16, 2007
Previous Episode Episode 2
Next Episode Episode 4

Laughter (Poison) (笑【どく】, Doku) is episode 3 of the Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro anime.


Yako and Kanae enjoy a theater performance while eating Bento's. Out of the blue, some of the other audience members start dropping dead! Could it be the Bento's all along?!

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Yako Katsuragi
  2. Tadanobu Asada
  3. Kanae Kagohara
  4. Haruka Katsuragi (flashback)
  5. Seiichi Katsuragi (flashback)
  6. Neuro Nōgami
  7. Manpukutarō (television)
  8. Shinobu Godai
  9. Teruko Matsuda
  10. Fukuo Matsuda
  11. Akane
  12. Wataru Dōdō
  13. Eishi Sasazuka
  14. Jun Ishigaki


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