Shizuka Todoroki
Name Todoroki Shizuka

等々力 志津香

First Appearance Chapter 103
Gender Female
Status Police detective

Crimes dept.

Shizuka Todoroki (等々力 志津香 Todoroki Shizuka) is a female detective who is a new addition to Sasazuka's team as a countermeasure from the Police to fight against the New Bloodline (all teams in the Police Department receieved new members).

Even though she made her appearance in the series earlier, her debut took place during the Café Murder Case.

She is a serious woman who is the opposite of Ishigaki and looks down on him; she also sees him as a rival for Sasazuka's approval, whom she has very high opinion of respect for.


Todoroki made her first appearance during the case of Mutsuki's grandfather murder, assisting to demonstrate how a woman couldn't lift a man and push him over a fence (using Ishigaki as the male subject). She later reappears to stay in the series during the Café Murder Case as an addition to Sasazuka and Ishigaki's team. Thinking that Todoroki was a replacement and he was going to get fired, Ishigaki immediatly regarded Todoroki as a threat and tried to show off his abilities to ensure his job (even to go as far as to beg Yako to convince Sasazuka not to fire him), only to be out done by Todoroki or ruining the situation.

As soon as she arrived to the scene of the crime, it was obvious she was a competent, capable, intelligent and serious woman, something Sasazuka was quick to comment about, but not as a compliment. And certainly, when later the culprit is discovered and reveals the motive behinds his actions, while Yako decided to stay quiet because he was "another weirdo", she was quick to question and insult his motive, which caused her to be promptly attacked by the criminal and had to be saved by Sasazuka. It was then that Sasazuka noted that her seriousness, in a way, was a hindrance to her abilities as a detective, a hindrance Ishigaki is noticeably without. From this point she keeps appearing briefly in the following, sometimes together with Police groups or in the Tokyo Police department.

Later in the series, still in bad terms with Ishigaki, she appears in the group that was going to take over Sicks's base, only to be stopped by Genuine, who used her powers to create chaos between the police members. They were saved from killing each other thanks to a flash grenade that Neuro set off. After Genuine was defeated, she was among the group who went out in a fishing competition with Neuro and Yako (competing against Ishigaki during most of the time).

In recent chapters, after the murder of Sasazuka, she has been shown to slightly improve her relationship with Ishigaki for the sake of doing her job as a policewoman, and to respect the memory of her superior.