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X (Sai)
Sample Screenshot | Post-Credits
Japanese Title X【サイ】
Episode Number 13
Airdate December 25, 2007
Previous Episode Episode 12
Next Episode Episode 14
Travel (Dreamlike)

X (Sai) (X【サイ】, Sai) is episode 13 of the Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro anime.


The murderer of the sculptors wife is revealed! Sai catches Nuero when he is the most vulnerable, the two duke it out and Yako gets one step closer to solving the mystery of her father's death.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Neuro Nōgami
  2. Jun Ishigaki
  3. Toshimitsu Maguri
  4. Eishi Sasazuka
  5. Yako Katsuragi
  6. Kazuhiko Maguri
  7. Taiji Maguri
  8. Yuka Eshiya
  9. Tae Eshiya (flashback)
  10. Tōgo Eshiya (flashback)
  11. Sai (dog)
  12. Naohiro Usui
  13. Kōhei Tsukushi
  14. Shinobu Godai
  15. ? (silhouette)
  16. Seiichi Katsuragi (flashback)
  17. Sai (Sōta Tsutsui)


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