Zera Aomi
Zera as depicted in the manga
First Appearance Chapter 189
Last Appearance Chapter 202
Gender Self-proclaimed female
Status Demon

Zera Aomi (青膿 ゼラ Aomi Zera) is a manga-only character introduced towards the end of the series. Both he and Neuro are the only demons shown in the series.

His last name, Aomi, literally means "green pus".


Zera has a fairly odd appearance as a whole. He has an ambiguous appearance and one half of his face can be peeled open to create a rift to the Demon World. He wears a thick jacket and wooden Dutch clogs. Zera's eyes also bear some resemblance to Neuro's. Besides that, Zera also speaks with an odd accent, presumably because of the shape of his mouth.

Despite his opposing appearance, Zera is in truth quite harmless especially when compared to his fellow demon, Neuro. He behaves effeminately and appears to show some concern and respect for Neuro's well being, going to the Human World to ask Neuro to return to the Demon World.

Because of his ambiguous appearance it is hard to tell if he is male or female, although Zera once stated that after how roughly Neuro stepped into his mouth, he would "never be a bride"[1], although he might simply be an okama.

Plot OverviewEdit

Zera first appears when Yako and Neuro drive over to Sicks' hideout. His face is hidden at this part, but he makes a comment on Neuro's situation and is shown heading towards Yako's Detective Agency office.

After Neuro defeats Sicks and is resting in the office with Yako, Zera shows himself and attempts to kill Neuro. He is easily outsmarted and falls victim to Neuro's boobie traps however. Zera formally introduces himself to Yako and Neuro after this and begs Neuro to return to the Demon World, stating that in his current condition Neuro can no longer survive in the Human World. Neuro decides to return in the end, and Zera tells him he would take about half a day to get the rift to the Demon World open for him. After Neuro leaves the Human World, Zera is seen weeping complaining on how forcefully Neuro stepped into his face.


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